Climate Hour

Would you fight Climate Change with any of these actions?

Switching to
Renewable energy





Every movement with ongoing participation of 3.5% of the population ensured serious political change.


If you and all US & European citizens (1B people) stoped driving, went vegan, switched to green electricity, and flied 50% less, global emissions would go down by 10%.

Net Zero

Systemic change was always driven by people speaking up. When you and 3.5% of the population do something small and visible every week, we'll stop the climate crisis.

How can you fight climate change, 1h/week?

Engage politicians every week with climate facts.

Tell top followers of greenwashing brands about better alternatives.

Amplify the voices of people affected by environmental destruction.

Help companies decarbonise with guides and best practices.

Learn from inspiring and insightful reads and videos.

Together with scientists and organizers we're preparing more exciting actions in store.

Who if not you?
When if not now?

Together we find the most engaging and impactful activities. Your daily dose of civic engagement.

I don’t think I ever had that feeling of having influence before.

Pauline Weber

Flipping the tiles before breakfast.
I love it!

Franz Neumann

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